What’s new in Flutter 3.3, let’s check out the top 5 features

In this article we will take a closer look at some of the major features of Flutter 3.3.0

Hello friends and welcome back to our article where we will discuss what are the new features introduced in Flutter 3.3.

This release includes updates to the Flutter web desktop and text handling improvements in the performance, as well as updates to the Go router package developer tools and the VS code extensions.

so let’s go over all the important features,we mainly focused on some major feature that help us a lot.

Selectable Area

selectable area GIF

Now that global selection is available, flutter provides the ability to select the entire text in web applications with the help of the new wizard called selectable area. As you can see from the image, we are using the select table area visit, and in this wizard, we are able to select any text within the wizard, just like we can do in web applications.


scribble GIF

Flutter’s next update includes scrabble, so it supports handwriting input with the apple pencil on the iPad OS. In this case, you can see in the image that we have now been able to use the apple pencil to write in a text box using the scribble feature, with the default three wizards being cappuccino text field, text field, and editable text. As you can see in the image, we can now use the apple pencil to write, and we can use the scribble feature to write in the text box.

Material design 3 component enhance

Material design 3 is the next update to material design. With the new version of material design 3, there are many updates, mainly the icon button, chips, medium and large app bars, and so on. However, these material visit enhancements are not set by default at the moment, but we can opt to use material 3.0 in our application.

Rich text editing

Next is update for Rich text editing, so this improved the support for rich text editing, and this release added the option of receiving granule text updates from platform text input plugins. Those are the features that we can use to create the stylish text box in our application with the help of that simple editor, as well as the underlines. We can also use those features in our application, as well as other improvements.

As we can see in Flutter 3.3, we have the windows application version based on the pop spec, so right now we have the window desktop application version set by the file itself. But now that we have the puff specification, we can change the version so that it can be applied to the window application and to our other apps on iOS, Mac, and Android.

go_router Package update and DevTools, VS code extension enhancement

The next update is the go_router package now the flutter team has published a new version of the go_router package and this makes it easier to design routing logic that works across the mobile desktop and web, then we have the dev-tool update, dev-tool now consists of the number of updates since the last stable flutter release including performance improvements across two data displays tables for faster and the last update is the vs code extension enhancement.

The VS Code extension now provides the ability to add multiple dependencies in the same click by putting like this: in the image you can see we have to comma separate all of the package names and it will add all the dependencies in one go.

These are the main features of Flutter 3.3, and other features like performance improvements and dart improvements are also included.So that’s all the information of Flutter 3.3, that I want to describe in short. I took it from many websites as some research if you find out any wrong info or misdirected, please point out or comment below.

if you got something wrong? Mention it in the comments. I would love to improve.
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Shirsh Shukla

Mobile Application Developer | GDG Speaker | Technical Blogger at medium | community member at StackOverflow | Organizer @FlutterIndore