Google Play’s Game-Changing Move — Apps Now Open to Teams of 20!

Google Play’s Big Change: Teams of 20 Can Now Make Apps! Explore the Latest Shift in App Publishing Rules.

Shirsh Shukla
4 min readNov 24, 2023

Hey everyone! In this article, we’re going to talk about the new Google Play policy. There are two big changes, and the first one is interesting, but the second one is downright crazy. Let’s get into it!

i gather information from this article basically Google Play wants to ensure that the apps developers upload are of higher quality so far so good but it’s more how they want to achieve that which makes people surprised scared confused I don’t know just this summer they’ve also updated the requirements for organizations on Google Play.

so they now need to provide id as number which is pretty much a unique identifier used for verifying businesses and now the new policy says that you have to verify your existing Google Play account within 60 days or your profile and all your apps will be deleted and again that is just one change I want to notice about here.

another change I will point out about later in this is absolutely crazy so now if you are a legitimate person or a legitimate business then verifying is of course not a big issue so if if you have a personal Google Play account you simply need to provide your legal name, your legal address, your contact email address the preferred language for email communication a contact phone number and your developer email address that is something all of you should be able to provide and if your Google Play account is not a personal one but one of an organization then you’ll need to provide a little bit more information for example the scale of your company of your organization and as I said the DS number for business verification so how does that verify now work, if you have an existing Google Play account you will likely get a card like this,

where we have to choose our preferred account verification deadline so Google lets you choose your own deadline if you choose that before February 29th or they will assign such a deadline for you.

once you chose such a deadline a specific date then you will have a 60 days time window before that date that you’ve chosen in which you can verify your Google Play account and as I said if that does not happen with within that 60 days time window Google Play will delete your account and all your apps if you ignore this warning or this info message here and you simply don’t pick a deadline on your own then Google Play will assign that for you automatically so at some point there will be a deadline and if you you don’t verify your account till then just say goodbyes to your apps, you can check all those detail here.

so that was how the new Google Play policy affects existing accounts new personal accounts can expect some extra fund though and here’s now the crazy part if you have a personal account on Google Play and you want to publish an app it has to be tested by at least 20 people over 2 weeks and if you don’t do that you can publish any Apps on google play again This only affects personal accounts,

If you’re a freelance app developer without a big company, it’s pretty tough to find 20 people who have Android phones and want to test your app for two weeks. Asking friends and family might not be enough. Google wants apps to be tested by real users, not just random emails. They’ve set a rule that you have to add at least 20 real testers’ emails for internal testing.

This change is meant to make Google Play safer and better, but it’s making things hard for small developers. It’s not clear why Google chose the number “20” it seems random. Many developers might try to find shortcuts or pay people on platforms like Upwork to pretend to be testers.

Even big companies with a lot of money are struggling to find 20 testers. This rule isn’t really aimed at them, it’s hitting individuals who just want to share their hard work through simple apps. We’ll have to wait and see how this affects us in the future.

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