flutter 1.22 features

In this article, we will discuss what flutter provide in the new release.
This flutter 1.22 new release focuses on new os updates(Android 11 and ios 14).
Because of recent some time android and Ios both update our OS with major changes.
For android 11, I already write an article, they cover some major points of this os. you can see there

And for ios 14,

Let’s come to the main point, in every update flutter makes us better to better.
So let’s talk about some major points that flutter upgrades.

1.Android 11 and iOS 14

In new android devices, first is various types of size and shape of notches available. Like (bubble,u-shape,o-shape, etc.)
So, now in the new release, they its self inspect this properly.
Second is an animation with keyboard sync properly(because early version some laggy behavior developers face).

And for ios, developers face fonts rendering and notifications regarding issues. its resolved
Also in Xcode 14 requires ios 9.0 minimum.
So flutter sets default templates with ios 9.0 default.
And as for new updates, the cupertino_icons package added approx 900 icons.

2.Internationalization and localization

the new internationalization support works like this:
Messages that should be localized are defined in an ARB template file.
Translations are defined in an ARB file per language that should be supported.
Flutter’s internationalization support generates Dart code for localized messages automatically.

3. Stable platform (Google maps and web view)

So now google_maps_flutter & webview_flutter both of these plugins are fully ready at the “Production Scale”. Just import them, write code, build APK, and release it without worrying!
Also, there is adding more flexibility to use native code(for android and ios)
So if you think you are more flexible to write some code as a platform depends(like android and iOS separate code) you can, with more flexibility.

4. App clips

App Clips feature, introduced in iPhones from iOS 14 onwards, app creators now have the necessary tools to create the small “clips” for faster installation of some applications, just as with Google’s Instant Apps.

5. Material button and symbol support

Flutter already provides so much button family.and new releases they provide more customization in button themes. If you want to change your older project, you can. if you are not interested in them, no not any issue.older is also worked.

6. Windows desktop alpha

It’s my favorite one, I was waiting for this feature. Now it’s available(in beta).
So you can try your flutter code in windows os also.

7.Application size analysis

As a flutter developer you really worried, why your app is big size.also you want to know which place takes how much size.

you can analyze the app’s size by using — analyze-size tool with any of your build commands like:
- flutter build apk
- flutter build appbundle
- flutter build ios
- flutter build linux
- flutter build macos
- flutter build windows

So, its like flutter build apk — analyze-size .

The app size tool allows you to analyze the total size of your app. You can view a single snapshot of “size information” using the Analysis tab, or compare two different snapshots of “size information” using the Diff tab.
For more information click on these link

8. State restoration and Android embedding API

for Android, or more simply, the ability for a Flutter app to be automatically closed in the background and shut down. resume without losing your place. Restoring the state will still take a little bit of effort from the developer to function properly, but in the long run, it should help Flutter apps feel even more native to Android.

9. Navigation 2.0

As we all know, In our app we are use navigation.push(), navigation.pop(), etc Between various screens, but we don’t know about the stack in between this.
So now navigation 2.0 you can able to see this stack.

10. Smooth scrolling for high rate displays
This point is especially for those devices, which offer high input frequency rate(greater than 60HZ).
So now you can addup (resamplingEnabled) this flag to your app,after that user doesn’t get any scrolling issue with your app.
void main() {
GestureBinding.instance.resamplingEnabled = true;
Maybe this is auto-enable in the future.

also improved some more feature like,
Dart CLI and dart 2.0, Network page improved, Dev’s tools inspector for IntelliJ, Output linking in VS code, etc.

if you got something wrong? Mention it in the comments. I would love to improve.
I am Shirsh Shukla. A creative developer and a Technology lover. You can find me on Linkedin or maybe follow me on Twitter.
Have a nice day!🙂




Android Developer | Flutter Developer | GDG Speaker | Technical Blogger at medium | community member at StackOverflow | Organizer @FlutterIndore

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Shirsh Shukla

Shirsh Shukla

Android Developer | Flutter Developer | GDG Speaker | Technical Blogger at medium | community member at StackOverflow | Organizer @FlutterIndore

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