Android 12, Top 12 features in new updates

Features that make you feel comfortable

“snowcone” (Android 12)

Every new update android provides a lot of features that your want, these features is mainly dependent upon, what users want in mobile devices like,

we needed screen recording,

so for this thing, we download an extra application for that, after android knows this point. android take these features in Android 11.

And many examples we see, that every new updates android try to overcome this thing, also provide a better user interface, stability. that user experiences friendly.

So, in this article, we discussed the new features that android provides in the new android 12.

We all know every new version android name called any dessert like cupcakes, marshmallows.

After the android pie, the android defines the name by a number like 10,11. but internally they called by some name.

guess what name called for 12.

I am not sure, but after some research, I know we called them “snow cone".

So, let’s come to the main point. what android will provide in new updates?

Now that time(April 2021) it’s on developer reviews, after that this will be released for users (may be possible in later September).

After the seen of some android conference video and some research, I got some points that I wrote this as key points of the new update.

Now it’s now beta mode.


Please let me correct if I am wrong in any place, I am always ready to learn new things and correct myself.

1) Theming system

We all know, for a better user interface we all download so many themes. many times we just download many themes to just customize background colors and shades. also various apps we download just for this small thing.

now android 12 will provides this feature to set “primary” and and “secondary” colors that, they apply everywhere like on the settings page also.

2) App hibernate

Many times we open many apps, but just use one to two apps at a time, now at this time all apps that we open in recent time, they are in the background and cache store in there.


In this app hibernation system, if any apps not being actively used, then this will be clear this cache storage. and this system optimized our memory storage.

3) Wifi sharing

Many times we needed to share the internet with our nearest friends by using wifi Hotspot. for this thing we share the password for those friends, in Android 10 this feature comes by QR code to share the password.

But now it’s more comfortable, we just share this by using nearby share features, on trusted devices that you want to share.

4) Scrollable screenshot natively

I know this already in some devices like Samsung, Xiaomi, one plus, and more, now this feature is natively supported on Android.which means these features supported for all devices natively.

5) WireGuard VPN

These features help where we needed open to some websites that there are blocked 🚫

( some countries or regions many websites are blocked),

also its provide secure internet security.

WireGuard VPN app is already available on the Google play store, but now its provide natively.

6) App pairs

In other words, it’s called screen sharing, later android 9.0’s this come to many devices,

but it’s slower and less performer in terms of gesture and user experience.

But now in android 12, it’s better to use,

Just in one click on a single icon, and easy-to-use two apps In single time.

7) Customize Widget

Now in android 12, the android team Work on customizing widget, like in android 11 there is new functionality they introduced natively is chat bubble.

Now in android 12, there is the option to create a widget for a chat. In the top drawer.

Also same as for message, call, show there.

8) Privacy toggles

Many times you just take permission. and after that, taking permission to so much application. you don’t know which application will be used in this feature now, which means may be any application using your microphone and camera,

and you don’t use this also don’t know about this,
so now in one click, you just disable this permission to all application. after that, you don’t worry about your camera or microphone.

9) Antitracking system

This features available in Google Chrome browser,this features working like,if any side tracked your action(by using cookies)like which side you open after and after searching,then this features is blocked and secured your privacy and stop to share information for those side.

Now this feature supports natively.

10) Restricted network access

Let’s discuss a simple thing,if we use manly two to three application daily and our phone has many apps(some of applications we are not using in week or many be months)but this application regularly send us notifications and mainly they use our internet.

So this problem also solved in this new version.

We can restrict applications for set internet usage,

Means by our choice we can set,which application use internet and which application not use our internet.

11) Third-party AppStore

Some times many application we download directly by any side,which means they are not available in play store for some reasons.

So for that, this application we are unable to get update for this,

Now this issue also solve in new version.

We can upgrade our application in this new version.

12) Lock screen Pin and pattern

Now there is some new things also added in android 12 in lock screen.

First is pin pattern,in there pin pattern, after you entered right Pin,in bottom right Icon(redirection icon) enabled(as blue color).

And for pattern line is now much thicker,which look like awesome.

Also there is some feature also I find out is,

Double-tap action, Android updates, Ultra-wideband etc. They we will got in new android version. Android 12

Source are, 9to5google, xda-developer and many more sites.

if you got something wrong? Mention it in the comments. I would love to improve.
I am Shirsh Shukla. A creative developer and a Technology lover. You can find me on LinkedIn or maybe follow me on Twitter.
Have a nice day!🙂

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