Android 11: Top New 11 features for Android.

Shirsh Shukla
7 min readSep 13, 2020

In this article, we will discuss what android provides in new OS updates. And How they are helpful for us.

If you have a google pixel device(after the version of pixel 2).then you definitely get this now. and for other it depend upon your device company.

So let’s start to discuss that,

Power menu new features are updated.

I have an android 10 and also before this version. After clicking the power button, we get only 3–4 options like Restart, Power off, and Emergency call.
But in android 11,
We also get some new features like
Smart home control options(like if we control our home accessories like lights, Ac, etc.) (this feature depends upon how much smart is your device and home accessories) ☺
They also show Instant payment options. (card show that we added as favorites in google play)
Also, there is an option for our short terms requirement, we will add in their tickets or boarding passes.)

Media player that shows in the notification bar(it’s modified)

Like if play a song on our device, then this control show in a notification bar.
But now in android 11,
There are some options added as if these songs play on our Bluetooth handset but if we need to change this in a speaker mode. then there is an option in quick tile. after that, we change/manage this like a boss.

Chat bubble

As we all know, if we use Facebook messenger. and someone sends you the message, then this show on our screen, it looks like floating in our screen. there is an option of a chat bubble.
But it’s not available for all of our social apps.
Now in android 11,
Approximately many apps support this.
So at a time if we get messages from many apps.
Then this shows on our screen as a group of a bubble. and we easily manage this.

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