Android 11: Top New 11 features for Android.

In this article we will discuss about what android provides in new OS updates. And How they are helpful for us.

If you have google pixel device(after the version of pixel 2).then you definitely get this now. and for other its depend upon your device company.

So let’s start to discuss that,

Power menu new features are updates.

I have an android 10 and also before this version. After clicking the power button, we get only 3–4 options like Restart, Power off, Emergency call.
But in android 11,
We also get some new features like
Smart home control options(like if we control our home accessories like lights, Ac, etc.) (this feature depends upon how much smart is your device and home accessories) ☺
They also show Instant payment options. (card show that we added as favorites in google play)
Also, there is an option for our short terms requirement like, we will add in there tickets or boarding passes.)

Media player that shows in the notification bar(it’s modified)

Like if play a song in our device, then this control show in a notification bar.
But now in android 11,
There are some options added as if these songs play in our Bluetooth handset but if we need to change this in a speaker mode. then there is an option in quick tile. after that, we change/manage this like a boss.

Chat bubble

As we all know, if we use Facebook messenger. and someone sends you the message, then this show on our screen, it looks like floating in our screen. there is an option of a chat bubble.
But it’s not available for all of our social apps.
Now in android 11,
Approximately many apps support this.
So at a time if we get messages from many apps.
Then this shows on our screen as a group of a bubble. and we easily manage this.

Notification management

We all agree with this point that, notification is disturbing so much.
Now in android 11,
They are managed with a group.
Like if I get notification from WhatsApp, Facebook, and telegram.
So Android knows all of these are conversation type.
So they make a group of conversations.
And then it is convenient for me to read all of I easily prioritized action(easily set to there mode like I want to set some of them in silent).
Because android 10 or before this version. all notification is shown in a listing with a random order, so tough to manage this

Screen recorder

As I see Many users, that they need recordings screen for a different purpose.
To fulfill this purpose. we download an extra app that they record our screen.
Now in android 11,

android fulfill this requirement,

And added a feature of screen we don’t need to download an extra app only for recording purposes.

Privacy Permission

This is my favorite point,
We all know privacy is so important for us.
Now in an android 11,
There are two points of Permission I like.
First is that if I want some of any application only for short periods. then I will take them Permission only for that short period.
After that they Permission is automatically revoked.
And the second point is if somehow any application that I was not using in a long period(example 2 months).
And now I don’t need this, so there is an option available for revoke Permissions by this app.
And in the future
if I will start using this, this app again asks me for permission.

Notification history

We all know, that we are using so many apps, and these apps send so many notifications.and they are all shows in the notification bar.
So many times we will swipe and cleared some of the important notifications. Just in a random way.
And then we miss this notification information.
So Now in android 11,
There Is an option for Notification history.
That they are shows all off the history of our notification. that we get from different sources. (some of very important like school, college or office information). So all these

shows in Notification histories.

Share menu

Many times we will share some data from one app to another,
Like if you share this article to some of your friends for good information ☺
So in a share tab bar, many options are shown,but as for your requirements, you are using only some applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.
So you can be prioritized or add only those apps that you want in a share tab.

Voice accessibility

This feature already supports in our some phones.
But android 11,
This feature is enhanced with voice talk back and some updates.
accessibility feature that lets you control the phone without using your hand. As you can imagine, this is designed for users with motor disabilities. These users can simply use their voice to complete basic functions like opening any app, scrolling on the page, or interacting with various responsive elements on the current page by saying the name or the number assigned to each of those elements to make interaction easier.

Application suggestions

In Android 11, there’s now a row of app suggestions on the bottom of your home screen where your main app dock would normally show up.

Now google smartly suggests you what application you want to use at now.depend upon a time.

If you don’t need have options for enable or disable this option.

DND controls

These improvements include a more granular Do Not Disturb mode. We touched on this earlier, but you can now set select conversations from specific messaging apps to come through even if you have the mode turned on. This also applies to all the apps you have installed — you can pick and choose what apps can break through when DND is turned on.

New airplane mode

Like you are on a flight, and then you it is necessary to enable airplane mode. At the same time your Bluetooth handset connected with your device.
So after enabling airplane mode your all wireless connection is disconnected. And you face problem to this type of connection in this mode
Now in an android 11,
You can customize this setting(like this disabled only for your call)not removed other wireless connections.
So you enjoy your music with and issue.

Gesture control

Recently I use the Ios device, we all know they haven’t a back button, but after using this os I like the back process gestures of that.
Like we need to go back, just simply swipe right to the corner. you will go back.
So Now android 11,
You have many customized options of gesture also.

A lot of emojis

We all use it in our chat.
Like a smile, angry face, and more.
So now in android 11,
They added a lot of more emojis.
Like a ninja, disguised face, smiling face with the tear, pinched fingers, lungs, anatomical heart, polar bear, etc.
and you will enjoy this
I think you all like this to use in a chat.

if you got something wrong? Mention it in the comments. I would love to improve.
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Have a nice day!🙂

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