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“snowcone” (Android 12)

Every new update android provides a lot of features that your want, these features is mainly dependent upon, what users want in mobile devices like,

we needed screen recording,

so for this thing, we download an extra application for that, after android knows this point. android take these features in Android 11.

And many examples we see, that every new updates android try to overcome this thing, also provide a better user interface, stability. that user experiences friendly.

So, in this article, we discussed the new features that android provides in the new android 12.

We all know every new…

Android moves on next level of layout

In this article, we will discuss Jetpack compose layout.

Jetpack compose is a modern UI toolkit, It simplifies and accelerates UI development on Android.

that you don’t need to design your layout in separate class like XML,

Just keep in mind want you need to create and, then write this with your main code.

If you something familiar on flutter, then you look this “aww what a goodness, it’s an awesome”

be frankly, I am so excited after hearing that, android (native) also adapted this thing now

Now let’s start, what we needed for this to use,

source link for…

library, that makes developer life easier

In this article we will discuss the top 25 Android(kotlin) library, that is so much user-friendly for all the Android native developers,

Every mobile developer wants to develop a smart application, that is useful for users, also as well as this application contains so much functionality that really helped users.

In this process, we need to write a lot of code that contains a lot of logic, that works all around android phones.

There is a bundle of code that contains in a form of a library, there is lots of code as well…

A library that makes developer life easier

The library is a bunch of collections of functions that helps large amounts of coding work in a simple way,to just add up in your code.

A great library is help of way, that works better in your project in terms of upgrading your own by the time, also that process his issues or bug, and updating yourself by developer requirements.


In this article, we will discuss the 20 most useful and commonly used libraries, that so many developers prefer,

And you should know about this if you are working in flutter development.

And all of these supports for…

A widget that provides customized shadow or elevation.

At this time, all our applications try to show out as real items as per design, smoothness, and user-friendly experience.

Major things that we all are focused on design, because we all know and believe this phrase “What you see is on sale”.

Let’s come to the main point, we all are trying to deliver real design in our website or application, that user will interact and fill this product look real.
For this, we use many things like item elevation, animation shadow effects, etc. …

a widget that applies ImageFilter to its children

In this article, we will discuss the ImageFiltered class that uses as an image blur, Transform any pixels, or in other words we called as matrix transformation.

ImageFiltered is a low-level class that takes pixels and registers them, it is a small but powerful widget that lets you blur or pixel Transformation anything in your app. it’s often a better alternative to BackdropFilter.

Now let’s discuss using this.
The first step is, we import this like way

Import ‘dart:ui’;

After import, we have many options available for widget customization,

So let’s discuss some of these.

First is we can…

Is these worrying things for us

In this article, we will discuss the new WhatsApp policy, that we all worried about our private information regarding our messages and all the detail that we stored in WhatsApp.

We all know Facebook owns WhatsApp. And recently some time facebook image is not good in Criteria or terms of user data policy.

And at this time WhatsApp shows a popup for its new privacy policy, and also without agreeing with this policy, we can not use WhatsApp after 8 Feb 2021.

But after genrate so much issue and pressure on facebook for this,WhatsApp extended deadline of 3 month.


Get information regarding your device like android, ios or windows

In this article, we will discuss, how to get some important information regarding over device,

Means flutter is a hybrid language and using this we will create applications for android, ios, mac os, and windows applications.

So sometimes we are writing code accordingly to a specific OS. Like some lines of code for android or ios.

Also for some other uses, we needed this information.

So come the main point,
There is a library available for getting this information easily

This is device_info

After adding this library and import this,

We can get information in easily

import 'package:device_info/device_info.dart’;

DeviceInfoPlugin deviceInfo…

In this article we try to clear over confusion regarding this two property in two different widget that,they are mainly used.

So let’s start,

crossAxisAlignment and mainAxisAlignment.

So let’s start,

  1. First is crossAxisAlignment,

This property use in,

colum widget as Horizontally axis.

Row widget as Vertically axis.

2.Second is mainAxisAlignment,

This property use in,

colum widget as Vertically axis.

Row widget as Horizontally axis.

Local Notifications in flutter.

In this article we will discuss about how to generate local notification in our app.

many times we need to show notification in over app, if any background task is performed
if we need a popup notification for inform them.

so let’s talk about this,
in flutter now this time, there best plugin(library) is available for doing this task

for use this,
We follow this steps,

  1. open this link, flutter_local_notification, then added in your pubspec.yaml file.

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